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Here comes the 4th tag! xD Dear :icondreamwalker412: tagged me, so let's do it :iconfeelingfreeplz:

1) You have to put these rules;
2) You need to show 10 things about yourself;
3) You need to answer the 10 questions that are given and invent 10 more questions;
4) Choose 10 people and put their icon in your journal;
5) Go to their profile and let them know that they have been tagged;
6) Nothing like "read this and you will be tagged";
7) You are allowed to tag 10 people.

10 things about myself:
1) I have three siblings.
2) Huge bookworm here. I love reading soooo much Little Pixel Heart
3) I'm fascinated by storms. I really enjoy them, but sometimes they scare me as well.
4) When I like something, I get obsessed easily xD
5) I enjoy cooking and baking, trying new things and I'm so happy when people find it delicious^^
6) No matter how much I try, I'm quite unpunctual. Usually late everywhere.
7) Also a big procrastinator. Always doing everything in the last minute. Literally xD
8) I love when I can be all alone and switch off every now and then.
9) I'm terribly indecisive and I have problem with saying "no" to people.
10) I looooove making lists! :love: To do list, to watch, to read, to go, to make, to buy (aka wishlist, not grocery xD)… And the best thing is when I can check what's done already! :woohoo: :bucktooth:

Now Julie's questions:
1) Where would you like to go on vacation?
Around the world! :iconallthethingsplz:

2) Which eye colour do you like the most?
Hmmm... I don't know. Bright blue, green, grey, golden or hazel eyes are amazing as well as deep dark chocolate browns, gotta love these :love: Each eye colour has something beautiful *-* Which makes me think of heterochromia xD Really fascinating thing, indeed!

3) If you could change just one thing in you, which one would it be?
Probably my laziness xD Which is why I'm always doing things in the last minute and then I'm so late with everything... But I just can't help it :iconmingplz: And also - sometimes I talk too much, I'm working on it, but no big success so far, I simply can't be brief, HAVE TO SAY IT ALL :shrug:

4) What's your favourite perfume?
I change them quite a lot. I know they say you should find your one true perfume and be faithful xD, but that would be boring, since there's so many amazing scents and I can't resist trying new ones. But there's one I absolutely adore over years and love wearing it when fall starts – Armani's Code. So perfect for gloomy, cold winter days, makes you feel cosy and warm :heart: And during spring and summer I prefer more fruity/flowery light scents^^

5) And your favourite food?
In the last few months it was... grilled paprika filled with feta cheese. Best summer food ever!

6) Which deadly sin describes you better?
Hmmm... All of them o_O I have a tiny bit from each one. What to say... I'm a sinner :evillaugh:
No, okay xD I think everything is just in the right, proper amount and I'm fully aware of my weak spots, so I guess it's okay hahaa xD I do envy sometimes, I get angry easily sometimes, I love food (all the time xD), I'm proud of certain things, I'm lustful :eyes: in Iggy Pop Lust for Life way :iconweekenddanceplz:, I'm greedy sometimes as well, love all the glittery things, want to have it all for myself xD But my biggest sin would be the huge load of laziness! All the way xD

7) What would you like to be doing 10 years from now?
Having some amazing job that would make me happy, my loving, tolerant man (not saying husband on purpose xD) and cosy home in my own style with huge library and many dogs :love: Travelling a lot, visiting all the awesome places, buying all the awesome things and just.... Enjoying life! That's my plan! :iconbrightfutureplz:

8) What would you do if you won 1 million dollars?
I would give some money to my parents, buy my dad a car of his dreams, put a little part into my account (if I needed money immediately), maybe buy few things I'd like and then invest the rest, building up an investment portfolio, so I could possibly profit even more from the win (sooo greedy xDD) :icontearplz:

9) Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
To be honest, I wouldn't like to have famous parents. Seems like lot of troubles, less privacy, self control on public... And right now I can't think of anyone proper, only people I'd never want as parents are popping out in my head now, haha xDD

10) If you could have dinner with anyone (anyone!) who would it be?
So many people I'd love to meet! When I put aside celebrities (e.g. Mads Mikkelsen :iconilavplz:), it would be amazing to have a dinner with all the amazing people I've met online. Would be fun! :happybounce:

And thaaat's it! :aww: I won't tag anyone personally, if you'd like to, please, go ahead :peace:
Have a lovely day! 

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